Diskurso di Minister Sithree van Heydoorn na Fransha, Paris - Informashon tokante Gobièrnu di Kòrsou

Diskurso di Minister Sithree van Heydoorn na Fransha, Paris

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Diskurso di Minister Sithree van Heydoorn na Fransha, Paris

Publiká riba 08 Novèmber 2023


Madam President,  Chairperson of the Executive Board, Director General,  Your Excellency’s,
 I am honoured to deliver my statement on behalf of the people and Government of Curaçao. Allow me to congratulate you, Madam President, on your appointment and a welcome back to the United States of America to the UNESCO family.  Madam President, let me share with you, that in the wake of our initial efforts in the program of digitalization in education, Curaçao has accomplished the foundation for the largest Metro Ethernet infrastructure on our island, which promises high-speed, safe and reliable data communication between the schools.

We also developed an application as testament to our commitment to data security and efficient management. We are pleased to have a dynamic youth representative participating in the upcoming 13th UNESCO Youth Forum. Thanks to the generous support of member states present, showing the unity of the UNESCO family, the Caribbean Youth is well represented at this Forum. We look forward to their input on the important matters of Climate Change.

Regarding sport, as an island of 150 thousand inhabitants, at Little League level we have won two Caribbean Little League Championships this year. I’m so proud to tell you that our national selection at Senior League Level, are the international and world champions. Our selection at Little League level are the international champions and the sub-champions of the world. All this playing against countries with millions of inhabitants. We have a lot of potential to continue to produce top athletes and we are implementing our top sports and physical education policy, also our Sport data application and we count on UNESCO’s support in this.

The Final Mondiacult Declaration shows the commitment to the 1982 MONDIACULT Declaration and to the pursuit of the vision for the twenty-first century.  MONDIACULT asked special attention for the reframing of the Culture and Arts Education Framework. In this regard Curaçao is asking for a democratic approach for the discipline of Culture and Arts Education in formal education as part of the new Culture and Arts Education Framework to be approved by this General Conference.  I am delighted to inform you that our second joint nomination is now also inscribed in the UNESCO International Registry, after the first joint one in 2017 on the Memory of the World for Latin America and the Caribbean.

A  joint nomination by Curaçao, St. Maarten, Suriname and the Netherlands on the Documentary Heritage of the Enslaved People of the Dutch Caribbean and their Descendants. We also have a program on the history of slavery. We are aware of the positive experiences in the implementation of the 2003 ICH Convention in the Caribbean region. Our communities are sharing experiences with each other on different occasions, during regional capacity building exercises. We pledge our support to NGOs and communities so they can be more integrated in regional networks and strategies. We focus on preparing a nomination of our tambú music to the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity along with three other constituencies of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. This nomination will be an example for UNESCO of a multi-constituency nomination from a single State Party.

In the face of a changing climate, we believe there is hope, to safeguard the environment and global climate for present and future generations. The impact of climate change must be reduced as much as possible, while the resilience of Curaçao must be increased. The related severe weather and climate can cause flooding, heatwaves, damages to property and to our flora and fauna on land and in the sea. As a result, the economy can be indirectly disrupted.

As a SIDS, Curaçao aims to become a neutral carbon footprint country with a Centre of excellence for energy transformation and adaptation strategies by collaborating with other countries. To realize this, the government established the Curaçao Climate Change Platform, a multi-sectorial network, to design, execute and implement the required actions.

Furthermore, we envision that stakeholders collaborate with each SIDS to devise creative solutions to address capacity needs. We stress fostering inter-SIDS collaborations to build institutional capacity. We again stress the importance of becoming a global priority and to continue considering Climate Change that affects us all in one way or the other.

To conclude Madam President, we are very honored to state that we will be hosting and co-organizing together with UNESCO and with the support of the French National Committee the Caribbean SIDS meeting in 2024. We are honored to have been approached as an Associate Member to lead this, next year.

Thank you for your kind attention.
Masha danki,
muchas gracias,
dank je wel,
merci beaucoup.