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Corona English Updates

Monday January 11, 2020

The precautionary measures remain in place until February 1st, 2021.

Wednesday December 30, 2020

Tuesday December 15, 2020

The same precautionary measures remain in place until January 11th, 2021.

Tuesday December 15, 2020


Thursday October 22, 2020

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Wednesday October 21, 2020

Friday October 16 2020

Traveling to Curaçao as of October 15, 2020

Visit if you are traveling to Curaçao.
Visit to request a permit to enter Curaçao from a high risk country. 
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Tuesday October 6 2020

Monday September 14 2020



April 15 2020

Update phase 2


April 13, 2020


April 9, 2020

RMR lends Curacao money according to Cft’s advice

Willemstad – This morning the Royal Council of Ministers (RMR) held a meeting to which Curacao’s minister plenipotentiary Mr A. Begina participated on behalf of our country. During the meeting the ministers discussed the urgent request for financial aid (for three months), which Curacao submitted to Mr Knops and  Mr Rutte. on April 1rst, 2020. In conformity with the request by Mr. Knops the Financial Supervision College (Cft.) issued an advice on Curacao’s need for liquidity for April 2020 on 7 April 2020. On the basis of the documents and the advice mentioned above, the RMR have made the following decisions:

*). For the time being Curacao will receive financial aid for the loss of income and the measures to save jobs. The money available is Nafl. 105 million for April 2020 and Nafl. 72 million for half of May 2020. This means a total of ANG 177 million for the next six weeks. The financial aid is in the form of a loan for two years, the so-called ‘bulletlening’, at 0% interest. After two years the aid will be refinanced and the period of amortization and other appropriate criteria will be discussed.

*). Cft. will monitor the appropriate administration of and the application for the financial aid available, paying special attention to efficiency and avoiding bureaucracy.

*). With regard to the package of aid measures in its totality, which is Nafl. 755 million according to the calculations by the ‘Noodfonds’ committee, the countries will continue to hold intensive talks the coming periods in order to reach structural agreements. The government has requested the financial aid partially in the form of a gift (‘schenking’) by stating article 36 of the Constitution, which is: ‘steunend op eigen kracht, doch met de wil elkander by te staan (relying on one’s own power but with the will to assist each other’).

In this framework, the Government of Curacao stresses that the decision by RMR is the first step. Further meetings will be held to reach a decision on the road ahead of us to exit this crisis better and as soon as possible. The transparent meetings and communications are necessary to reach the best vision and solution on the short and long term for our country. The government is aware of the mixed reactions in the community to today’s decision. Some people are satisfied, some unsatisfied, with the manner in which we have received the first part of the aid. The government considers today’s decision to be the beginning of a trajectory with the Netherlands. In this respect, we are aware that at a certain moment we must pay back the money we have borrowed. Paying back the money will be a heavy load in the future. Therefore, we will continue to deliberate through the Kingdom government on the structural road to take in order to come out of this crisis.

The government emphasizes that every person in Curacao must realize from now that we are entering a new era. This means that after we have managed to contain the virus in our community with as little effect as possible on the public’s health, it does not mean that we can expect to return to business as usual. We must do everything necessary to recuperate as soon as possible.

However, the reality is that the whole world is feeling the effects and we must adapt to it because we depend a great deal on the developments in other countries. In this framework, we must be prepared for a few years of economic and financial pain more severe than that which we have experienced up till now. Each one of us will experience the effects of the crisis, which requires national solidarity to combat. National solidarity also means that the things that were impossible must become possible, and straight away. Only in this manner can we limit the period of pain. If we do not take the necessary steps, even the difficult ones, the pain will last much longer.

Various projects and laws are pending for quite some time, such as the option for civil servants to go on pension voluntarily, the zero line for civil servants, the subsidy system for foundations that are not effective sufficiently, the expenses of the public apparatus, the steps to optimal digitalisation. Often they are legal aspects and they last quite some time. We must not neglect the law obviously but if in this crisis we require more rapid legal trajectories, we must be willing to follow them.


April 6, 2020

Work continues to crystallize Curacao’s independent membership of the WTO

Willemstad – At the beginning of March 2020 the Ministry of Economic Development (the MEO) announced the great news that Curacao had become an observing member of the World Trade Organization (the WTO). Recently, we took note of a publication by the access division of the WTO in which the commercial history of Curacao is told and a publication of our position as an observing member of the WTO.

Ms G. Mc William, Minister of Economic Development, is very proud of this achievement and she is positive that the membership will contribute to a metamorphosis of the economy of our country. Notwithstanding the current difficult economic situation worldwide our observation membership in the WTO is a step in the direction of a sustainable economic transformation for Curacao.

Our trajectory in becoming an independent WTO member and the national export strategy the minister is developing under the guidance and expertise of the International Trade Centre ( will be cardinal for this economic transformation to become a reality. In spite of the current economic challenges, we must stay focused and continue with the present efforts. For this reason the work continues. At home the organisations and professionals concerned and the MEO teams are working to be prepared to continue forward.

On MEO’s Facebook page readers can take note of the complete publication by the access division of the WTO. An excerpt thereof is available on

April 5, 2020

The US intensifies its anti drug operations in our region

Willemstad – Curacao has taken note of an announcement by the US that they are intensifying their anti drug operations in the region. The Government of Curacao has also noted different publications in the social media. A series of anti drug operations have been planned. Regularly, the US and other partners such as the Kingdom of the Netherlands undergo similar operations in our region. The Government of Curacao supports the actions because it is in Curacao’s best interest when this type of crime is combatted. The governments keeps in close contact with the US authorities and other Kingdom partners and continues to monitor the developments. The government emphasizes once more that we will not permit our territory to be part of a military action against Venezuela.

The presence of soldiers in Curacao has nothing to do with the anti drug operations by the US. As it is known, we deploy soldiers to guard our coasts and territory against the possible entrance of Venezuelan migrants. At the government’s request, the Curacao militia helps KPC in monitoring the implementation of the shelter-in- place measures. 

April 3, 2020

Proposition for a support package to keep jobs and business activities

Lower insecurity and strengthen solidarity

Willemstad – The Government of Curacao has received a proposition for a support package and an emergency fund in order to mitigate the social-economic and financial effects, which Curacao is experiencing as a consequence of COVID-19. The package are recommendations by the ‘Commissie Noodfonds COVID-19’, which the government has formed on March 19th, 2020.

The committee has given its recommendation for a support package after consultation with important sectors in our community and making extensive and detailed calculations. Centrally, our people will keep their jobs. The total cost of the package is Nafl. 765,5 million to cover the first three months of support.

The various aspects in the package are expected to be introduced in phases. The government is analyzing and calculating which part in the package we can implement and pay with our own financial force and for which part we will look for support in the Kingdom and in international funds. At the end of next week we will have more clarity of the funds available at short term. Afterwards, we will continue to work on the emergency funds for the medium and long term and the financing of these funds.


The Government of Curacao has approached the Kingdom government for support, knowing that on the one hand Cft. has advised us to consider the situation in Curacao because of COVID-19 as a force majeur, and on the other hand the Royal Council of Ministers have declared their willingness to help us. In the following weeks we must take concrete steps and we must bear in mind that each member in our community must be prepared to make sacrifices. In this way, on the basis of solidarity, we will be able to confront the great challenge, which has presented itself here and in the whole world. 

The support package

The support package joined to the Relief Package that the government introduced in the past consists of:

1). An emergency package to help companies to keep workers in paid jobs

Help for an employer to cover between 20% and 80% of the monthly salaries of his employees if the estimated loss of his income is above 25%. The condition is that the employer must keep his employees in a permanent job (vaste dienst).

2). Support for individual companies

Nafl. 1335,- a month for small businesses and people who have a business without employees. Priority will be given to sectors seriously affected, such as public transport, the horeca, retail sales, advertisements and entertainment.

3). Compensation for people who have lost their jobs

All employees who have lost their jobs as from 15 March 2020 will be compensated with maximally Nalf. 1000,- a month.

4). Social payment to survive

A compensation of a maximun of Nafl. 450,- a month for people claiming social security. They be permitted to find a job again when it is possible

5). Support for micro, small and medium-size businesses

A credit up to Nafl. 100.000 with adapted conditions in order to finance the permanent expenses of micro, small and medium-size businesses in the sectors seriously affected.

6).  Compensation for organisations and persons offering support and care

A compensation for organisations which and people who care for the elderly, the disabled, families with children.

The ‘Commissie Noodfonds COVID-19’ will continue to work and to organize the implementation of the Support Package, while the government is handling the local funds and the requests made to the Dutch government.


April 1, 2020


New social security bank cards 

Willemstad – Persons receiving social security of whom the bank cards expired in March 2020 must go to their community centre (‘kas di bario’) Friday 3 April 2020 and Monday 5 April 2020 8 am through 12 pm or 2 pm through 4 pm to receive their new bank cards. 

You must present your old bank card and a valid sedula or driver’s license at the community center. The PIN code stays the same. The above clients of the Ministry SOAW received their bank cards March 2016. If you cannot be present on the above dates you must call one of the following numbers:

Kas di Bario Punda/Banda Ariba, Tel.: 465-80530

Kas di Bario Otrobanda/Dokterstuin, Tel.: 462-4500

Kas di Bario Brievengat, Tel.: 736-7500

Kas di Bario Sta. Maria, Tel.: 869-6660

The Ministry SOAW urges you to collect your new bank card on one of the above-mentioned dates because the machine will swallow your current card after it has  expired.

Announcement #7

Announcement #6

Announcement #5

Announcement #4

March 29, 2020


Unfortunately due to the Coronavirus, all residents of Curaçao cannot leave the house, unless it is to visit the pharmacy, supermarket, minimarket, grocery store, gas station, bakery or hardware store.
Here are the new rules for supermarkets. For more information, please call 9320.

March 28, 2020

March 23, 2020

These are the latest developments in terms of exceptions to the rules for those who want to fly to Curaçao, either because they are residents,

because they have important work to do here or for urgent medical care. 

March 22, 2020

The demand for information about the Coronavirus is high and the government is trying to communicate in all possible ways. In addition to the other information channels, there is now also LIÑA 9320. Feel free to call, every day between 1 and 5 pm for answers to your questions.

March 20, 2020

NOTICE: No one is being hindered to leave Curaçao if they have a flight ticket. Previously the Government informed that this was not possible, but there has been a change and now you can also leave the island.

Educational institutions will remain closed during the week between March 23 and 29.

March 19, 2020

Information on preschools that will remain open during the Corona Virus   crisis

WILLEMSTAD – In connection with the Corona Virus (COVID-19) pandemic, The Government of Curaçao, together with the Organization for the Integral Development of the Child (SIFMA/ODIM), wishes to inform the parents of children attending pre-school and all who labor at a preschool of the following information.

As announced by the Government of Curaçao, starting Tuesday march 17, 2020, all preschools (including nurseries/childcare/kindergarten) and afterschool institutions, similar to schools, must close until Monday March 21, 2020.  The school closure period will be evaluated on Thursday March 19, and all changes will be communicated accordingly.

The Government appeals to parents that have children in preschool but who must work in order to attend to the crisis situation, to first and foremost, try to arrange care within the family network. Do not leave children with the elderly, as they are most at risk and vulnerable to the virus. If care cannot be arranged through family, then it is possible to make use of 3 preschools that will remain open during the crisis.

The preschools that will remain open will welcome children whose parents must remain at work during the crisis, for example medical professionals, education professionals, law enforcement, supermarket employees, media, public transportation, public sanitation (Selikor) and others as stipulated in the attached list. (See attachment)

Parents who fall within the mentioned categories and who wish to arrange care for their children, can contact the preschool their child currently attends to receive more information on the preschools that will remain open during the crisis. Please be advised that a few short questions will be asked in order to evaluate the request.

The Government counts on the preschools that are open during the crisis to provide the necessary support to parents who may need their assistance in caring for their children.

Any parents or persons who may have additional questions, can contact ODIM (Organization for the Integral Development of the Child) at the following contact numbers:

Whatsapp: +599 9 6702930, +599 9 670 2931, +599 9 670 2932,

Call & Whatsapp: +599 9 5297369,+599 9 562 7369


March 16, 2020 


March 15, 2020 

March 14, 2020