REGULATIONS IN RELATION TO THE HYGIENE TEST - Informashon tokante Gobièrnu di Kòrsou


Ministerio konserní Salubridat Públiko, Medio Ambiente i Naturalesa


Publiká riba 04 Mart 2020

  1. Candidate must be present half an hour before exam for registration
  2. For identification bring a valid ID, passport or drivers license
  3. Bring the receipt of payment
  4. Test starts exact at the hour of appointed or agreed
  5. Test last for maximum 25 minutes. When we say “stop”, everybody stops
  6. Latecomers can no longer participate to the test
  7. No questions can be asked once started with the test
  8. No communication is allowed during the test
  9. Pone must be turned off during the test
  10. Non-compliance with the test rules may result in disqualification
  11. Every correct answer is valid one ( 1) point
  12. 60% or more of the correct answer is necessary to pass the test
  13. Test consist of 10 multiple choice questions and 5 true and false questions
  14. Any decision about the candidate and the test can be appealed by the director of the THZ/UO/G&GZ
  15. Disqualified candidate and/or no show’s is/are subjected to decisions from THZ.UO.G&GZ
  16. Bring your own pen