Konferensia: Futuro di Trabou na Kòrsou - Informashon tokante Gobièrnu di Kòrsou

Konferensia: Futuro di Trabou na Kòrsou

Ministerio konserní Enseñansa, Siensia, Kultura & Deporte

Konferensia: Futuro di Trabou na Kòrsou

Publiká riba 19 Òktober 2023

Conference: The Future of Work in Curaçao – Technology, AI, and Migration,

WILLEMSTAD –  Minister di Enseñansa, Siensia, Kultura i Deporte sr. Sithree van Heydoorn a tene un spich na e Konferensia títula: “Futuro di Trabou na Kòrsou – Teknologia, Inteligensia Artifisial i Migrashon”. E konferensia a keda organisá pa Sociaal Economishe Raad (SER) riba dia 16 òktober 2023 na Banko Sentral di Kòrsou. Pa mas informashon di e konferensia bishitá:: The Future of Work in Curaçao – Technology, AI, and Migration. 

Spich di Minister Sithree van Heydoorn

Distinguished Guests, Esteemed Experts, Honorable Members of the SER and Respected Citizens of Curaçao,

Good Afternoon,

I am profoundly honored to stand before you today at this consequential conference, organized by the Social Economic Council (SER) of Curaçao. This assembly serves not only as a confluence of ideas but as an incubator for shaping the socio-economic trajectory of our beloved island. Our agenda today encompasses the important sectors of technology, artificial intelligence, and migration, all ensconced within the realm of education. These areas are no longer mere subjects of academic discourse but represent the cornerstones of our society’s future.

According to globally recognized bodies like the World Economic Forum, the next decade is poised to witness an intense shift in the global labor landscape, affecting at least 1.2 billion workers. Curaçao is not an isolated island in this tide of change; we are a part of a networked world where technological advancements are redefining traditional paradigms.

Automation and emerging technologies offer opportunities that could catapult our island into a new era of prosperity. However, these opportunities come coupled with challenges, notably in safeguarding our traditional forms of employment. The Government is actively deliberating on policies to ensure a balanced transformation, one that preserves the essence of our heritage while embracing the future. Recognizing the inevitability of this transformation, our Government has proactively initiated the Project Digitalization. This comprehensive endeavor seeks to infuse our educational system with a forward-looking curriculum focused on digital literacy and 21st-century skill sets.

Under Project Digitalization, we are exploring partnerships with, among others, leading global organizations to incorporate AI analytics. These tools will empower our educators to design tailor-made learning experiences for our students. This transformative technology brings forth a myriad of applications, from automated text generation to creating multimedia educational resources. These possibilities, however, require judicious and ethical application, a subject on which our Government is collaborating closely with both local and international experts.

Dear guests,

Curaçao has a long and rich history of being a land shaped by diverse cultures. In our quest to build a future-ready workforce, we recognize the immense value that skilled migration can bring.

Migration policy is being designed to serve dual purposes—inviting global talent while ensuring their smooth assimilation into Curaçao’s socio-cultural ecosystem. Here, education becomes the linchpin, providing the tools necessary for the integration of both local and international talent. As we convene today to deliberate upon these intricate matters, let us not forget that the future of work in Curaçao is not solely a governmental endeavor but a collective responsibility. It is through synergistic collaborations between public institutions, private enterprises, and civil society that we can aspire to construct a future rich in opportunities and social equity.

I extend my deepest gratitude for your attention and participation. May our discussions today serve as a springboard for a unified and prosperous future for Curaçao.

I thank you.

Sithree van Heydoorn

Minister of Education, Science, Culture & Sport